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Why AlfaTrade Affiliates

You are one step away from partnering with one of the high expectancy newcomers in the Affiliation field, completely free of charge and with no risks involved. Become partner with one of the fastest-growing brokers in the industry, offering the best customer experience.

The AlfaTrade Affiliates Program is the licensed forex affiliate platform provided by AlfaTrade. We are always there for our traders with 24/5 customer support and always care about our traders’ wealth. Moreover, our traders benefit of professional educational tools and 1x1 training from our top-notch brokers. Likewise, our Pro traders benefit of dedicated personal account manager. If you’re an Affiliate, an IB or a Money Manager, you will for sure enjoy our array of partnerships. For starters, we are there with you creating customized marketing materials. Further on, converting your traffic into traders is our Sales and Retention teams’ goal. Not to forget, prompt payments are our major. Partner with us today for the kind of partnership where we work together for the best performance. AlfaTrade Affiliates can benefit from a win-win partnership at no risk! With a lucrative commission of up to $600 CPA, our AlfaTrade Affiliates can concentrate on generating referral traffic whilst AlfaTrade works behind the scenes to efficiently process payments and manage all back-office tools and technologies.

Cultivating an environment of security, clarity and integrity, AlfaTrade provides banking and treasury services through top-tier banks including UBS, Deutsche Bank, HSBC and others. AlfaTrade Affiliates and AlfaTrade also comply with international regulatory standards.


Forex market

Join our Affiliation Program and benefit from AlfaTrade’s low spreads and recognition of Brand.

Caring for our Partners

AlfaTrade Affiliates offers customized customer care service through multiple channels of communication, 24 hours a day.

Amazing rewards plan

Up to $600 CPA. Keep it simple and get profit.

Live tracking

Monitor all earnings and conversions and the latest reports on your traffic though a user-friendly interface and live tracking software.

High-end creatives

AlfaTrade Affiliates have access to high-end marketing materials in multiple languages and sizes, helping to maximize return on investment (ROI).


Benefit from AlfaTrade Affiliates incentives and rewards.


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